Submit your video to become part of CHOIR! CHOIR! CHOIR! as we create an EPIC video of The Foo Fighters’ classic “Times Like These” for the Microsoft Strategic Account Summit FY21.

Quite literally, ’Times Like These’ have kept us apart from singing with you all in real life. So we’ve prepared some simple instructions and are asking you to first learn and then submit a video of yourself singing (preferred), dancing, or just playing air guitar and air drums to this Foo Fighters classic. If you’re worried about submitting a video of yourself singing, then just have some fun with it. And we’ll do the work and make you sound like a rockstar. And rest assured, you will be one of many singing. Nobody gets the solo spotlight except Dave. So without him, we need your submission to make this HUGE.

1) DOWNLOAD LYRICS – the lyrics will also be on the screen for the guide videos, so whichever you prefer.
3) Practice along with the guide video as many times as you need to get your part perfect. There is no such thing as being too prepared! But it should take you about 20 mins. NO MORE.
4) When you’re ready, listen to the guide track with headphones or earbuds in/on, and record a video of yourself singing. We would ask that you use a smartphone so that everyone maintains the same look and feel.
5) Must record in PORTRAIT (vertical) mode.
6) Ready to submit? To send us your video (the very best take of your song) from your device or computer, fill out the form below and submit your information. You will be prompted to upload in the following page. Do not upload a zip or compress your file! Just upload them as a video.

Bonus! – upload an additional fun version of you NOT singing but having some fun: dance, bring your dog into the video, show us your air guitar and air drums.

– Wear headphones or ear buds!
– It’s important that the only audio recorded is your voice, not the guide track. If you’re using a microphone, make sure that nothing is scratching against it. Clean audio is very important!
– It’s also important that you sing along with the guide track so that the timing is in sync with the other videos.
– Record this in portrait mode on your phone or tablet, using your front camera so that you can frame yourself well.
– Pick a quiet place to record. Turn off any fans or air conditioning or anything that will affect the sound. Shoot your video in a space with good light. Don’t shoot into the sun – don’t make it backlit. We want to see your face!
– Make sure we can see you! Your face/head should take up most of the frame. We don’t want to see you 3 meters away with your couch taking up most of the frame.
– Re-watch your take before sending it in to make sure the file is not corrupted. To really be sure: Transfer it to your computer and make sure it plays all the way through. That will ensure that we can use it.
– Make your video interesting of course. But no excessive movement. Your smile will light up the world!
– You can reshoot your video as many times as you need – then pick only the best take to send to us. Your video may be isolated, your video may be featured, and for sure you’ll be placed with others. No need to be shy!

Upload Your Video. Step 1. Microsoft Strategic Account Summit