Choir! Choir! Choir!™ Code Of Conduct

Choir! Choir! Choir!™ launched in the winter of 2011 as a collection of friends who met to sing pop songs in a casual environment. Seven years later, it has exploded into a citywide community – open to everyone – that now meets twice weekly (at Toronto’s Clinton’s Tavern) and gets attention from around the world. This community is our pride and joy, and we do everything we can to ensure everyone feels welcome and has a great time. 

With that in mind, we have written this C!C!C! Code of Conduct for anyone who joins us at one of our nights. We write it knowing that you are all generous, kind, welcoming, and respectful people who love Choir! as much as we do. It is our safeguard against the .00001% of times we hear of any behaviour that contradicts our collective values of providing a safe, supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Thanks for reading.

-DaBu + Friends

1. Don’t fucking hit on anyone if they’re clearly not into it.

2. Don’t fucking say stupid shit to people.

3. If you are singing the wrong fucking part, listen, ask for help, and start singing the right fucking part.

4. If you hear someone singing the wrong fucking part, don’t be a jerk and treat anyone like shit. Be fucking nice about it. In other words refer to #2.

5. Don’t fucking use physical force in any fucking way. Keep your fucking scowls on the inside.

6. Don’t fucking sneak in without paying.

7. Don’t fucking treat the bar staff like shit.

8. Don’t fucking just get drunk and rowdy with your friends – we all want to have fun but don’t fuck it up for those who actually want to sing.

9. And as our Facebook group is an online extension of our community, be fucking cool there, too, and don’t fucking creep on other members.

10. Since we’re talking about FB, don’t join the fucking group and immediately start posting about a fucking event or personal project – do that on your own page. This is not another online stop on your marketing tour. Read the fucking room; get into the culture; post an SB (Suggestion Box).

Failure to comply with the above may result in being immediately fucking removed from the Facebook group, no longer being welcome at our weekly events and receiving a fucking talking to by any number of C!C!C!’s enforcers.

Listen To The Fucking Code Of Conduct™ and we’ll be alright.

Peace and love. 

Thank you for being part of C!C!C!