Submit your video to become part of a Choir! of thousands as we create an EPIC video of The Beatles’ “Across The Universe” along with Rufus Wainwright!

We’ve missed singing with you in real life so here’s a chance for us to create some beautiful harmony from across the universe! If you’re game, here’s what to do:

1) DOWNLOAD LYRICS (& print if you’re able)
2) Choose which part you will sing. “PART A” or “PART B.” Part A is a lower backup/harmony. Part B is a higher backup/harmony. Rufus will be in the middle.
3) Practice along with the guide video. We recommend about an hour practicing.
4) When you’ve got your part down, as you listen to the guide track with a headphone, record a video of yourself singing with a phone or another camera. To help us sync up the vids, please count in the “1,2,3,4” at the beginning of the video with Nobu.
5) Upload your video from your device or computer in the form below. Refer to recording tips below.

– It’s important that the only audio recorded is your voice, not the guide track so wear a headphone!
– It’s also important that you sing along with the guide track so that the timing is in sync with the other videos.
– If recording this from a device like a phone or iPad, station your phone UPRIGHT (not sideways) we want to see you portrait style.
– Make sure you’re happy with your take. Your video may be isolated, your video may be featured, and for sure you’ll be placed with others. No need to be shy!
– Make your video interesting of course. But no excessive movement.
– Make sure we can see you! Your face/head should take up most of the frame. We don’t want to see you 10 feet away with your couch taking up most of the frame.
– Shoot your video in a space with good light. Don’t shoot into the sun – don’t make it backlit. We want to see your face!
-Only submit your best take from beginning to end. Record it as many times as you like but only send us one!

-Write a short (and sweet) message for the world on a card and hold it up to the camera at some point during the video when you’re not singing
-We are looking for submissions from a huge variety of people and backgrounds. If you can highlight what you do, even better! ie. If you’re a health care worker, dress up in your scrubs for the video (we want to celebrate you!). Be creative! But the most important thing is that whatever you send, the audio is usable!

The submission deadline is: May 15, 2020.

Hi! Submissions are now closed! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your voices and videos! We are now moving into the editing process and will let you know when the EPIC Across The Universe vid will be premiered.

Keep an eye on our socials and thanks again for sending us your vid!

Have a great weekend!