Dec 8th - Esti Friedman - Toronto Distress Centre

I first went to Choir! Choir! Choir! three and a half years ago. I had joined the Facebook group six months earlier, but I knew no one there, and it took the full six months to muster up the guts to go. Now, when I look back at the video from that night, I can name just about everyone, and most are dear friends. Social media has become the social standard, but I think we all kinda ache for old school face-to-face social bonding. Choir! is my place of congregation. You sing songs by many of your favourite artists with a bunch of happy, laughing people, and with beer in hand. It is a weekly boost to my mental health, which is so important to quality of life. That’s why The Toronto Distress Centre is my pick. As a teen suffering from depression, the Toronto Distress Centre helped me during my darkest hours. In university I volunteered there, in hopes that I could repay the favour. The volunteer training was invaluable in helping me become empathetic and a better listener, so I guess I really owe them twice. #25DaysOfCharity