Dec 4th - Byron Wong + Zero11Zero - Feeding Nunavut

The first Choir! video I saw took me down an exciting wormhole. It made me proud of Toronto to see such a strong community huddle together around music. Since then, my team and I have conspired with the guys and helped to make some of those videos. Don’t tell anyone but I’m working on a Choir! documentary that would be finished already but so many amazing things keep happening that we need to record!  

As some other projects have led us to the North, We’ve chosen Feeding Nunavut as our contribution to #25DaysOfCharity. They are an independent, non-partisan advocacy and educational organization whose purpose is to improve the well-being of people in the Canadian North, specifically Nunavut. They promote civic improvement by raising awareness about food insecurity and the challenging living conditions in Nunavut, and they work, whenever possible, with national, regional, and local organizations to support, assess, and evaluate programs addressing issues of hunger, poverty, housing, education, and health, particularly mental health. Out of sight for many us, but not out of mind. #25DaysOfCharity