Dec 3rd - Stef, Rob, Elsa, Rebecca, Chris, Francisco, Santiago - Intensive Carolling

Chris Murphy from Sloan here.  In 2008, my niece Elsa was born at 24 weeks gestation, weighing just over one pound. She spent five months in Sunnybrook’s NICU. At any time, there are up to 38 babies receiving top-notch family-centred care in the neo-natal intensive care unit at Sunnybrook.

On top of the emotional toll of having a baby fighting for their life in the hospital, many families have the added burden of financial crisis, and are struggling to pay for parking and TTC to visit their baby. Even buying the basics like groceries can be a struggle due to the unexpected and prolonged hospital stay. My sister-in-law and Elsa’s mom, Stefanie Mendoza, created Intensive Carolling to raise money every December to help out the families in the NICU.

My family and I have been Choir! Choir Choir! fans since its inception, and I have had the honour of being the special guest at one of their "Epic! Nights." I’m really thrilled and touched to know that Intensive Carolling will be supported by C!C!C!’s #25DaysOfCharity 2017!