Dec 25th - Rick + Beth - Habitat For Humanity

I (Rick) have sung all of my life, predominately in church choirs (and in the car and the shower). I saw the Choir! video of David Bowie’s "Space Oddity" when it was posted almost two years ago. I landed at Clinton's the very next week, and I've been an avid member of "We The LOWS" ever since. Beth – my wife of 32 years, friend, love, and mother of my children – joined me this year. Being real estate agents, housing is also a passion of ours, and Habitat for Humanity fits right in with our belief in the value of home ownership. Habitat for Humanity gives a hand up to those who wish to own a home, and might never have a chance to do so otherwise. They also operate the popular HFH ReStores across the city, which help the environment by recycling re-usable household items and providing them with a second home. Thank you for giving. #25DaysOfCharity