Dec 24th - Orna - Romero House

I joined Choir! Choir! Choir! three and a half years ago, at a pivotal time in my life. The Choir! weekly sessions, besides creating a beautiful, three-part harmony, have also created a community that keeps growing. Choir! brings together people: young and old, born Canadian, and immigrants. Canadians with diverse life experiences, religion, and culture, creating together a very special musical experience that bonds us. A couple of years ago this community raised funds that allowed us to sponsor two families of refugees. The generous donations of choir folks allowed us to fully furnish the apartment for one of the families.

As an immigrant myself, I feel passionate about helping newcomers, and so I chose the Romero House to be one of the 25 charities for this year. Romero House primarily serves refugees upon arriving in Canada. It provides transitional housing, and offers support for refugee claimants with settlement into Canada, as well as navigating the refugee process. It helps newcomers establish themselves in Canada and create community that celebrates differences. Besides helping their residents, Romero House offers a variety of programs, a food bank, and access to legal aid to all refugees in Toronto. #25DaysOfCharity