Dec 23rd - Anne, Emma, Linda, Caroline, + Bob - The Painted Turtle Arts Camp

We are a teacher, an actor, a hair stylist, a physiotherapist, and an ex-bartender (titles up for discussion), and we all found C2! on a Wednesday night at the Monarch Tavern more than five years ago. Immediately hooked, we would pile into Bob’s van and make the trek down from North York to recharge our own creative batteries at the inC!redible, inC!omparable and inC!lusive experience that is Choir!

The charity we have chosen to support is The Painted Turtle Arts Camp. Focused on performing arts and the magic of creative play, Painted Turtle brings summer camp programs to children who live in remote First Nations communities throughout Ontario and Manitoba. The camp provides programming in dance, drama, songs, and visual arts, and hires local artists, educators, community mentors, and youth workers. Their program has been implemented in 32 Northern Canadian Communities since 2012. #25DaysOfCharity