Dec 16th - Deb, Sophie, Terri-Leigh - Project Canoe

We’ve been coming to Choir! Choir! Choir! for a few years now, and it means a lot to each of us. On one hand, it’s about the music – the joy and catharsis of singing stunning harmonies. But it’s also about this glorious community that Daveed and Nobu have created – an inclusive place that allows everyone to be themselves. Whether we share in the song or the heartache, bring new friends to the experience or reconnect with old ones, it's all about feeling a part of a community – like a small town of choristers in this big city. Our hearts swell with gratitude to be a part of this wonderful group, and help raise awareness for the remarkable organizations included in Charity! Charity! Charity!

Our pick is Project Canoe. It enables youth with economic, social, learning, or emotional barriers to enjoy outdoor wilderness experiences in Ontario. Project Canoe facilitates personal learning, growth, and resiliency, as trip participants learn to navigate the complex challenges of their life. We feel passionately that marginalized youth should have opportunities to build environmental awareness, discover new strengths, practice teamwork and develop confidence while roaming our beautiful Ontario playground. Please consider donating to this invaluable organization. #25DaysOfCharity