Dec 15th - Asher - Indspire

I joined Choir! Choir! Choir! four years ago, and it has become my community. It is both my escape from the stresses of the day, and the thing that keeps me grounded and in touch with people. The friends I have made in C!C!C! have deepened my understanding of the big and small impacts I can have in the world.

My charity choice is Indspire, an Indigenous-led organization that invests in education for indigenous youth. I believe reconciliation is the greatest task facing Canada at the moment. It was so powerful to me that Gord Downie used his final days as a Canadian icon to remind us of our obligations to help repair the damage that generations of abuse and neglect have inflicted on Canada's founding nations. Above all, we need to raise up Indigenous voices. Indspire furthers that goal by giving Indigenous youth the resources and support they need to continue in K-12 school and post-secondary education, and to help them become passionate voices for change. I encourage everyone to find out how they can contribute to reconciliation. #25DaysOfCharity