Dec 12th - Cecile + Patty - OneSky

Regardless of age, looks or status, the magic that is Choir! Choir! Choir! has allowed people to feel a part of. Choir! has tapped into our playfulness, pushed our vulnerabilities aside, and enriched our lives on a broad scale. It exemplifies how intelligent leadership inspires communities to challenge and further themselves – and in doing so, strengthen the ties that parallel family. That feeling that we are a part of: a part of a community, a part of something bigger than ourselves.

OneSky is an organization based in China that creates and implements simple, replicable early-learning programs that provide nurturing and responsive care for thousands of at-risk children. Their goal is to help build a sense of belonging for our world’s most vulnerable young children, ensuring that those most in need have a chance at feeling a part of.

I (Patty) have two daughters adopted from China. In 2008, my family had the opportunity to live in China for three months. While there, we visited my younger daughter's orphanage, which was run by OneSky, and I was awestruck by the joy and love demonstrated there. We are so grateful to Choir for choosing OneSky as one of its charities this year! #25DaysOfCharity