Dec 1st - DaBu (AKA Daveed + Nobu) - Gord Downie + Chanie Wenjack Fund

Welcome to the 2nd annual 25 Days of Charity! Charity! Charity! 

If you follow Choir!, you know that we love to sing and use our collective voices for change. We’re all in it together, and this campaign highlights organizations, big and small, that makes communities stronger. Give to #25DaysOfCharity and see your donation equally distributed among the diverse group of 25. Spend some time on the site and learn more about these incredible charities, and the great people in our Choir! community. And save the date on December 16th to join our big #25DaysOfCharity singing event at the Phoenix – it’s all ages!

When Gord Downie died this past October, the country went into mourning. Choir! celebrated his life at City Hall, and his older brother Mike Downie delivered a beautiful speech that focused on Gord’s legacy: reconciliation with the Indigenous People of Canada. The path is well worn, but it’s time more of us got involved. The Gord Downie + Chanie Wenjack Fund is focused on cross-cultural education to support healing and recovery. The fund will foster new relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples, while strengthening the voices and work of groups already making a difference. It’s an inspiring project, and we’re proud to support it. #25DaysOfCharity